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Human Resources


We like any organisation value our employees and ensure that we invest in their training.



We understand that the recruitment process is not infallible and it is vital that any new employee fits the ethos of your company as well as being competent to perform that role. The services we can provide are:   







Rewarding Employees

Recruitment is an expensive and time consuming task and it is vital to ensure low staff turnover therefore maximising your investment to offer the best employee remuneration package. We can assist with the following;  


• Job specifications

• Recruitment (advertising - CV reviewing - interviewing)

• Contracts of employment

• Company handbooks







• Share options schemes

• Bonus schemes

• Employee reviews

• Salary reviews

• Company car schemes

• Computer equipment

• Nursery vouchers



Free Resources


The McInnes Partnership understands that, as a business person, time is one of your most precious resources.


This is why we’ve put together some handy FREE resources that are designed to help you save time.


Simply click here to find out more.



“It is vital to ensure low staff
turnover, therefore maximising
                your investment”