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Book-keeping and payroll services


The Companies Act 2006 stipulates that the directors' are responsible to ensure that adequate books and records are maintained by any company. The McInnes Partnership’s computerised book-keeping and payroll services provide accurate and business driven accounting records. Accurate information is the foundation for cost effective preparation of annual accounts and the cornerstone of business decision making.


We take the preparation of clients' payroll very seriously and our staff are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of payroll.


Services your business could benefit from include:









In maintaining and building our relationships we can provide you with the following training.









• Monthly book-keeping

• Production of weekly/ monthly payroll

• Year end returns including electronic P35

• VAT Returns

• Advice on accounting systems

• Installation of computerised accounting packages

• Training on various computerised packages






• Payroll Training

• Book-keeping training

• Accountancy Training




Free Resources


The McInnes Partnership understands that, as a business person, time is one of your most precious resources.


This is why we’ve put together some handy FREE resources that are designed to help you save time.


Simply click here to find out more.



“Accurate information is the
     foundation for cost effective
preparation of annual accounts”